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ENERINVEST is a project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 program, for the creation of a platform for meeting and dialogue between the main actors of sustainable energy projects: public and private promoters, financiers and technical companies.

For this purpose, the platform is intended to provide technical, legal and financial solutions to bridge the gap between sustainable energy projects (SEPs) and different funding mechanisms.


ENERINVEST puts at your disposal the virtual platform www.enerinvest.es, where you will find a series of resources, such as news from the sector, a calendar of upcoming events, links to financing support portals and documents of interest, prepared during the project or contributed from other relevant entities. Some outstanding resources are the "Map of Experiences" and the tool "Enerintool", as detailed in "FAQ4. What can I find at www.enerinvest.es? ".

Through the platform www.enerinvest.es also offer communication channels between the different actors, as well as discussion forums on key thematic areas to the development of sustainable energy projects.

In addition, the ENERINVEST project will carry out a series of events of diffusion and meeting between agents, both face-to-face and virtual, in which topics of interest to the different actors will be discussed and the problems and solutions available will be analyzed for the financing of Sustainable energy projects.


You can browse freely through www.enerinvest.es without being a registered user and access to news, activities calendar, links of interest and some other documents.

However, to experience a optimized navigation through the project elements, register now in ENERINVEST and you will have access to all the exclusive resources, like specific documents, the Map of Experiences and the Enerintool. In addition, registration at www.enerinvest.es will allow you to participate in the different forums, webinars and discussion groups that are generated.

Through the registration in the platform you should define your profile or role that you consider most appropriate, according to your relationship with sustainable energy projects (promoter, financier, technical or special interested), optimizing their navigation and taking greater advantage of the platform. All this will allow you, among other advantages, to find your promoter or financier more suitable for your sustainable energy project.


In the virtual platform you will find the following resources, some of them exclusive for registered users, in their different sections:

  • News, where you will find a selection of informative publications related to economic, technical, regulatory and especially financing aspects of sustainable energy projects.
  • Calendar of activities, where you will find information on different activities related to the sector, as well as specific activities organized by ENERINVEST.
  • On-line discussion forums and periodic webinars, where various interest topics will be discussed with the different players in sustainable energy projects.
  • Relevant documents on financing of sustainable energy projects; Includes documents from both relevant external sources and those that will be specifically carried out by the ENERINVEST team throughout the project.
  • Links of interest, where you will find the main links to supporting portals for financing and sustainable energy projects.
  • Map of experiences where different innovative financing models are showed that are being developed in Spain and the rest of Europe that have been relevant success cases to promote sustainable energy projects.
  • ENERINTOOL, the online tool that will help you find the best way to finance your sustainable energy project, or the most appropriate project to invest in. The tool provides technical, financial and legal advice, from the data of many real projects, and allows to get in touch with different promoters and financiers of sustainable energy projects. Next release in May 2017.


Everyone can participate in the project in several ways. Depending on your interests and expectations, ENERINVEST offers you information and key contacts.

  • To be up to date on the sustainable energy sector and its funding mechanisms, please check regularly the different news, events and all the resources that will be published on our website and social networks.
  • You can register as a user of the platform and get exclusive use of resources that will be developed throughout the project, such as the Map of Experiences or the Enerintool.
  • ENERINVEST offers several options of attending the different events that are advertised or organized from the project, as well as to take part in programmed webinars.
  • Different discussion forums on specific topics make it possible to interact with relevant stakeholders. To provide your point of view as a promoter, a financier, a technician or just especially interested user, please check the best form of communication applicable in every situation.
  • There is an option to participate actively in the specific working groups that are organized periodically to analyse the barriers in the financing of sustainable energy projects and their possible solutions (for more details see FAQ 10)

ENERINVEST has adopted the term Sustainable Energy Project to include all types of projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency, both in the domestic and tertiary or industrial sector, promoted by both public and private entities.

Types of projects taken into account are initially the eight large groups defined in the FAQ 7.

In order to include new types of projects, modify or remove existing ones, all partners will carry out periodic reviews, considering identified market needs. Please submit your suggestions to the project Coordinator or to our Communication agents.

Everyone can participate in the project in several ways. Depending on your interests and expectations, ENERINVEST offers you information and key contacts.


The sustainable energy projects considered initially in ENERINVEST include the following typologies: 

  • Rehabilitation of buildings, including improvement of the envelope, carpentry or installation of passive elements.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including boiler replacement, district heating, replacement of direct expansion machines (heat pumps and cooling equipment), climate control systems, solar heating systems and biomass installations.
  • Production of industrial heating and cooling, including replacement of combustion technologies, incorporation of heat exchanger, replacement of industrial cooling machines, etc.
  • Measures in lighting, including replacement of technologies, incorporation of regulation elements and substitution of traffic lights.
  • Measures in electrical installations, both in the domestic sector and in the industrial sector, including measures in engines, transformers and compressed air.
  • Energy monitoring of facilities, energy consumption accounting and energy management.
  • Sustainable electrical production systems, including photovoltaic, low power wind energy, mini-hydro, biomass for electrical production, cogeneration and trigeneration.
  • Measures in sustainable mobility, from replacing vehicles with more efficient models to measures such as recharging installation of electric vehicles and platforms for car or bike sharing.

The inclusion of new typologies or future elimination of any of the present ones will be made in function of the development of the project and the needs of the market identified during the same.

ENERINVEST aims to build up a National Platform of key actors working together to foster investments in sustainable energy projects. It is a meeting point and a platform for dialogue among relevant stakeholders in energy sectors. Public Administration, public and private promoters, financiers and technical companies or institutions, will collaborate in project tasks.

Therefore, access to the financing of specific projects is not included and cannot be directly offered.

However, one of the objectives of the project is to provide information about technical, legal and financial solutions to reduce the gap between sustainable energy projects (SEP) and different funding mechanisms.


The ENERINVEST website provides relevant current information on the project, sustainable energy initiatives and their prospects and forms of financing.

If you want to make contributions in terms of communication and dissemination related to these topics, please submit an e-mail to the following address:

Communication and Dissemination Agents evaluate every proposal in relation to the objectives of ENERINVEST, and a suitable publication channel will be proposed within the platform.


Specific Working Groups will be organized from time to time to analyse and discuss aspects detected and proposed as being of particular interest for the development of Sustainable Energy Projects (SEP) and their financing.

Currently, ENERINVEST has a Financing Work Focus Group in order to study those barriers affecting SEP financing and funding. Members of this team are experts that also contribute to the project suggesting their possible solutions and measures.

To express your interest in participating in a Focus Working Group or make any specific proposals, please send us an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

The Consortium Partners value every proposal in relation to the objectives of ENERINVEST, and a suitable communication channel will be proposed, including the e-platform of the project.


If you have any additional questions or specific proposals about ENERINVEST, please send us an e-mail to one of the following addresses:

  • Use info@enerinvest.es to forward general queries or suggestions to the project.
  • Use comunicacion@enerinvest.es to let us know your questions and proposals about the communication and dissemination, related to the project, to media.

Sí. La asistencia técnica, legal y financiera es uno de los objetivos determinados por el proyecto. Para ello solo tiene que dirigiste a alguna de las siguientes direcciones de correo seleccionando una de ellas en función del área de asesoramiento:

  • enerintool@enerinvest.es - para asesoramiento y ayuda sobre el uso de la herramienta ONLINE desarrollada por ENERINVEST.
  • tecnico@enerinvest.es - para asesoramiento relacionado con aspectos técnicos de PES.
  • financiero@enerinvet.es - para asesoramiento relacionado con aspectos financieros y los mecanismos apropiados para la implementación de PES.
  • legal@enerinvest.es - para asesoramiento relacionado con aspectos legales de PES; gestionada por DDGI, DipHuelva y AGENEX.




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